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The Luger P08 is a German semi-automatic pistol featured in Medal of Honor: Heroes and Medal of Honor: Heroes 2 as the German side-arm of choice. The Luger was developed by Georg Luger in 1898 and became the service pistol of the German Empire in 1904 and later for the Nazi Germany in 1933. The Luger was replaced by the Walther P38 due to it's simple design and cheaper to manufacture. Even after it's replacement the Luger was still used by officers and soldiers alike. The Luger was well known amongst allied soldiers whom liked to take Lugers as souvenirs.

Medal of Honor: Underground[]

The P08 Luger is mentioned in the briefing of the mission Occupied!, but never shown. According to the Deutsche Arbeitsfront (German Labour Front) manifest, 20 dozen of those pistols were to be stored in a truck in the Academy of Music.

Medal of Honor: Heroes[]

The P08 Luger is the official German sidearm in Heroes. It is only usable in the last mission or by playing as Germany in Skirmish Mode. It is a good sidearm, doing medium damage and having 1 more round than the Colt M1911. The breach toggle pops up when firing, making rapid fire annoying, but still possible. 

Medal of Honor: Heroes 2[]

Single Player[]

The P08 Luger is the Axis sidearm of choice and can be found in some missions. Ammo is rare as enemies never use it, forcing the player to trade it off for another close quarters weapon not long after they have exhausted the limited ammunition supply. It is a good sidearm to have, does mediocre damage per round, has an average fire rate, genuinely low recoil and can get the player out of a sticky situation should they run out of ammo for their primary offensive weapon or don't have time to reload their primary weapon. The breach toggle pops up when firing, making aiming down sights annoying sometimes. The weapon is retextured and has different sound.


In Multiplayer, if the player chooses the Axis side, they will get a P08 sidearm for their class. It is a good weapon to get out of a sticky situation with a sniper rifle and on an SMG class it can be great to use when the SMG runs out.

Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond[]

The Luger P08 appears in the story trailer and the player uses it to shoot and kill a German Gestapo agent and a Heer soldier.


  • In the later half of the series the Luger replaces the P38 as the main side arm, but notably was exactly the opposite case in real life as the P38 was originally the intended Luger replacement.
  • This handgun should not be confused with C96 "Broomhandle" Mauser handgun.
  • The Luger can be seen in the render for Hans Schneider, indicating it may have been a cut weapon from European Assault originally, it can also be seen in the renders for Kandler and Sergei Borov, indicating it may infact have also been cut from Rising Sun.