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Mission Briefing

For the similarly named level see: Lighting the Torch (Level)

Lighting the Torch is the first mission in Medal of Honor: Allied Assault. The mission is divided into four levels: Rangers Lead The Way, The Rescue Mission, Sabotage the Motorpool and Lighting the Torch. The mission is to rescue a British SAS officer, help him finish his mission and signal the beginning of Operation Torch, the invasion of Vichy French-controlled North Africa.


"Lieutenant Powell, I’m Colonel Hargrove from the Office of Strategic Services-the OSS. Our branch specializes in covert operations, usually deep behind enemy lines. Espionage, sabotage, infiltration…that’s the business we’re in, Lieutenant. As you know, Germany’s famed Afrika Corps has captured key locations along the southern coast of the Mediterranean, and is now in the process of fortifying their positions. Our response, in coordination with our British allies, is an invasion of North Africa. The attack is code-named Operation Torch. This is finally it, Lieutenant; our first large-scale offensive of the war.  While everything you hear in this room is classified Top Secret, what I’m about to tell you is extremely sensitive and only known by a select few. The Germans have positioned artillery batteries along the coast, several of which overlook our intended landing zone. A British SAS operative has penetrated enemy lines at the town of Arzew, on the Algerian coast. His mission was to sabotage these batteries, then give the all clear signal to start the invasion. Yesterday, however, all contact with that agent was lost. The enemy’s artillery positions remain intact…and, the SAS officer’s capture could compromise the entire operation. You and a small squad of your fellow Rangers will infiltrate Arzew under cover of darkness. Your goal is to destroy the coastal batteries and rescue the captured agent. You’ll receive specific details of the mission once you’re in the field. The SAS operative is Major Jack Grillo, a man I’ve known for years. He would never allow himself to give up what he knows to the Germans, so please find him before he’s forced into taking drastic measures. No doubt about it, this is a critical mission, Lieutenant. Your team has trained hard, and I have every confidence you’ll get the job done."


Rangers Lead The Way[]

  • Infiltrate the German occupied village.
  • Check the door.
  • Man the MG42 mounted machine gun.
  • Hold off the reinforcements.
  • Continue on your mission.

The Rescue Mission[]

  • Find and rescue the SAS Agent.
  • Follow the SAS Agent.
  • Steal explosives from the fortress.
  • Use explosives to escape.
  • Use explosives to destroy a Flak88.
  • Meet Grillo by the gate and exfiltrate.

Sabotage the Motorpool[]

  • Disable Opel trucks.
  • Bomb tanks.
  • Bomb munitions cache.
  • Exfiltrate the facility.

Lighting the Torch[]

  • Reach the airfield.
  • Destroy the aircraft.
  • Destroy all communications equipment.
  • Make your way to the lighthouse.
  • Signal the fleet with the lighthouse beacon.
  • Meet up with Major Grillo in the truck and escape.



Most enemies encountered during this mission are armed with rifles, but there are several armed with submachine guns. Note that in the first and fourth level there are soldiers armed with Panzerschrecks, although they are impossible to pick up.

  • Afrika Corps Trooper
  • Afrika Corps Officer


  • This is the only mission where two guns in the same class (SMG) can be carried at the same time. MP40 and Thompson share the same ammo pool, and can be switched by pressing 3 again.