Liberation is the new multiplayer game mode of the Medal of Honor Allied Assault Breakthrough expansion. This game mode is based on a Team Deathmatch, at the difference that died players respawn in a prison without any weapon and must be released by their teammates.

Process[edit | edit source]

The Allied prison in the Axis spawn in Anzio.

The prison switch releasing Allies in Anzio.

Liberation maps contain 2 prisons and 2 switches for each team. Each team has its jail in the enemy camp, near their spawn point. Alive players must kill the opposite team and, depending of their strategy, release their teammates blocked in the enemy prison by using a switch near it, usually in the middle of enemy spawn. The switch can usually be easily found by following wires from the prison to the switch. The winner team is the one who has sent all the opposite team in its prison.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Depending on the map and the number of remaining players in both teams, strategy can be very different and can have its importance. For example, a player can take the risk of trying to release his teammates to get them all back, but he also can die of going at the switch if the enemy is guarding the area. This is the all point of this gamemode. Releasing its team can be a safer strategy at the first approach, but it can be dangerous if not thought correctly.

Teams must also keep an acceptable level of fair-play by not staying at their switch.

List of Liberation multiplayer maps[edit | edit source]

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