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Liberation! is the seventh mission in Medal of Honor: Underground. The mission is divided into four levels: Final Uprising, Street by Street, Operation Marketplace and The End of the Line.


Paris is on the verge of liberation. However the OSS receive intel of explosives arriving to blow the city up before the Allies can take it. Manon aids the French resistance to destroy enemy posts and positions, so that strong establishments can be made to drive the Germans out for good. After fighting her way through the city and being double crossed by a Resistance Agent turned traitor, Manon reaches the subway station to stop the trains carrying explosives and Waffen-SS Demo Squad personnel from arriving. She also finds that the personnel were the very ones responsible for her brother's death two years ago, so she destroys the lot of them.

Briefing Edit


Final UprisingEdit

  • Find petrol bomb cache
  • Destroy all half-tracks
  • Neutralize all prefecture guards
  • Enter the Paris prefecture

Street by StreetEdit

  • Neutralize the barricade guards (3 barricades)
  • Find subway map
  • Enter marketplace

Operation MarketplaceEdit

  • Find panzerfaust
  • Meet contact
  • Escape into subway tunnels
  • Stop the tanks

The End of the LineEdit

  • Get train schedule
  • Unlock train doors
  • Divert first train track
  • Divert second train track

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The Milice on the first level make full use of rifles and assault rifles. Some of them come out of building windows and snipe from balconies. In some parts of the level they are accompanied by Panzergrenadier Troops armed with assault rifles or Panzerfausts and two Halftracks. The SS appear in the levels to follow. In the second level, some of them are on BMW R75 motorcycles with sidecars and in the third level, they are accompanied by three Panzer II tanks.

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Final Uprising Edit

Street by Street Edit

Operation Marketplace Edit

The End of the Line Edit

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