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Lewis machine gun system (eng. Lewis gun) or just "Lewis" is a British machine gun who appeared during the First World War. It was created in 1913. The idea of the design belonged to Samuel Maclean, but embodied it American colonel of the US army Isaac Lewis. Originally, Lewis planned to use this gun as mounted, water-cooled, but later moved to the idea of developing a light machine gun with forced air cooling of the barrel.

By the beginning of the Second World War in the British army Lewis machine guns were mainly replaced by more advanced machine guns "Bren", but after the evacuation of France (in a shortage of small arms), located in warehouse's stocks of machine guns in the amount of 58,963 pieces were hastily transferred to the second-tier units.

Medal of Honor: Rising Sun[]

In Tanaka multiplayer select screen he's holding a Lewis gun, which never appeared in the game.

Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault[]

The player uses two paired Lewis machine guns on a PT-20 boat to repel the attack of Japanese aircraft on Pearl Harbor B.