Lena Walker is the wife of Preacher (Tom Walker). She must cope with the wartime stress due to her husband being overseas and in danger daily.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Early life[edit | edit source]

At an unknown time, Lena married a man named Tom. Preacher and the two eventually had a daughter together named Isabella, they tell Mother and his wife at a diner. Mother gets a call and tells Preacher to come outside, Mother's wife tells Lena that it is better to have him happy, than keep them safe.

Warfighter[edit | edit source]

Preacher and Lena get into arguments about his military career and family, he tells her to meet him at a hotel but she missed the train she was supposed to take, narrowly and unknowingly escaped her and her daughter's death. In the hospital, Preacher was relief to see that they were still alive and when the two went out for some errands, Mother and Preacher talked about the mission in the Philippines and about Task Force Blackbird but Lena overhears, she asks of what's going on. He tells her what happened in the Philippines and their discharge, she encourages him to join and stop the enemy but to her big consequence. When they looked up at the TV Screen on the wall, the news was broadcasting about the rescue attempt of a Captain who was held captive by Somalian pirates.

After the news was over and Preacher made his decision, he joined the Task Force and Mother left while talking to someone (presumably Dusty) about Preacher "...is in."

Preacher M.I.A.[edit | edit source]

Preacher was captured by Sad Al Din when he rammed his car into his while Preacher was trying to get away with the Banker named Hassan, which unknown to them was the Cleric. After the failure of the Operation and Preacher was out-of-contact, Dusty called Lena and informed her about her husband's situation while Mako with Polish GROM are trying to capture Bosic. Lena was shell-shocked and fell to the floor crying, her daughter - Isabella ran into the room and they appeared to share an embrace.

Mother's Funeral[edit | edit source]

Preacher, Dusty, other members of Task Force Mako, teammates and friends, Lena, Isabella, and Mother's wife attended Mother's funeral, one by one of the SEALs slammed their tridents onto the casket to honor their friend, Lena and Isabella watched grimly then Lena and Tom held hands with their daughter next to them. Appeared that they were over their fight when Lena realized that the man in the casket could be her husband.

In the last cutscene the three are at the diner seen in flashback before Tom's last deployment, his cellphone rang and they both know that he must left again, but instead of being upset, Lena put her arm around Isabella and gave Preacher a reasuring smile, confirming that she now fully understood what he did and why he risked his life everyday.

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