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Last Rites at Monte Cassino is the fifth mission in Medal of Honor: Underground. The mission is divided into three levels: Roundabout, Prisoners of War and Mayhem in the Monastery.


Manon volunteers to go a new mission to infiltrate the abbey at Monte Cassino (before the planned aerial bombardment) to investigate a monk's claim that there are American Airmen of the 8th Air Force being held prisoner in the abbey. After getting past difficult obstacles into the abbey, Manon finds that the claim is true. With the aid of the Commanding Officer of the airmen, Manon liberates the prisoners and destroys the command center. She then proceeds to destroy all the halftracks and supplies around the abbey.

Briefing Edit



  • Disable guard tower
  • Destroy supply trucks (6 in total)
  • Destroy supply depot
  • Locate crypt entrance

Prisoners of WarEdit

  • Free captain
  • Rescue pilots from cells
  • Protect captain
  • Destroy war room
  • Eliminate command staff

Mayhem in the MonasteryEdit

  • Locate quartermaster ledger
  • Destroy munitions
  • Destroy supplies
  • Destroy all half-tracks

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The enemies are Wehrmacht soldiers armed with MP-40s, Stens and rifles. In the third level there are also four halftracks.

Trivia Edit

  • Historical Inaccuracy. The date this mission takes place is June 15, 1944, but the aerial bombing on Monte Cassino happened from January to February, so the mission would have to take place before February 15, 1944 when the Abbey was almost completely destroyed. At the time of June 1944, the battle of Monte Cassino was over.

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