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The LVT-2 Water Buffalo was an amphibious landing vehicle in use by the United States Marine Corps and Army during World War II, featured in Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault during the Battle of Tarawa Atoll. It was considered superior in comparison to LCVPs as they have the ability to drive over coral reefs and land on beaches. It was equipped with a 7-cylinder radial engine, taken from the M3 Stuart. Unlike its successor, the LVT-4 or LCVP, it does not have a ramp, so its Marines or soldiers must bail over the side rather than pour out a single exit.


The LVT-2 was used by the 2nd Marine Division to bring Marines ashore during the Battle of Tarawa. Equipped with an M2A1 water-cooled Browning .50 caliber heavy machine gun and an M1919A4 Browning .30-06 caliber light machine gun, the LVT-2, along with the LCVP brought 35,000 Marines on shore, as well as supplies and other essential material. Tommy Conlin of the 2nd Marine Division's LVT-2 advanced along a pier, eliminating Japanese targets all along the walkway. It was taken out by Japanese mortar fire, forcing the Marines to bail out and wade through about 50 meters of water before reaching the shore. The LVT's used in Conlin's unit had a crew of 2 or 3 (driver, assistant driver and commander), the Marines in its bay manning its armaments.