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The Landing Craft, Vehicle, Personnel (LCVP), or more colloquially known as the "Higgins Boat," named after its designer and manufacturer, Andrew Higgins, was a primary amphibious landing craft for the United States Army/Navy, especially in the ETO. Originally designed for the Marine Corps, ironically, the LCVP would be phased out by the LVT by the Battle of Tarawa in 1943, and eventually the U.S. Army as well as their use is limited to the open sea and by 1945, there was very little enemy territory on the coastline. With over 20,000 produced, the LCVP has striking similarities with the Japanese Daihatsu-class landing craft, used by the Imperial Japanese Army and Naval Marines. Able to carry up to 36 men and have an armament of two .30-06 light machine guns, the LCVP was an integral part of the Allied victory in World War II, participating in Operation: Overlord, the Battle of Guadalcanal, Operation: Torch and various ship-to-shore supply missions.

Medal of Honor: Allied Assault[]

LVCP Higgins first appearance in the series was in this game. Several of these boats landed troops at the Omaha Beach level. Also, this boat is a spawn point for allies on the multiplayer map Omaha Beach.

Medal of Honor: Frontline[]

LCVP Higgins appear at the level Your Finest Hour. Similar to the previous game, they land troops on the beach. They did not appear in the game again.

Medal of Honor: Infiltrator[]

One LCVP Higgins lands Murphy and some soldiers in Morocco at the level The Beachhead. It was immediately destroyed by a bomber.

Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault[]

Several Higgins can be seen during the battle of Tarawa.

Medal of Honor: Heroes[]

Two Higgins appears as a setting on the levels Along the River and Out from The Trenches.

Medal of Honor: Airborne[]

On the mission Saved By Sacrifice, several Higgins are on the beach.

Medal of Honor: Heroes 2[]

LCVP Higgins are at the beginning of the first level. Apparently they had landed John Berg and the others on the beach, but this was not shown.