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The Kubelwagen is a small German car created by Volkswagen. It is mainly used as a quick transport for supplies across a battlefield as well as officers. It's design places the engine in the back while reserving the front space as a trunk for equipment.

Medal of Honor: Frontline[]

It can be found in various missions, such as 'Eye of the Storm' "The Golden Lion" and 'Under the Radar'. In The Golden Lion one of the objective is to sabotage the Kubelwagens's engine to prevent the enemy to pursit the player. The kubelwagens featured in the game are painted in green and the letter "V" can be seen on the front door on both sides.In The Golden Lion mission it is advised to check the kubelwagen's trunk for some additional supplies. Some of them are contains: medical kits, ammo or grenades. In the mission: Nijmegen Bridge a Kubelwagen with a different paint can be seen after crossing the bridge.

Medal of Honor: Infiltrator[]

Kubelwagen appears at some levels of the game. It is used as a decoration, and has no purpose.

Medal of Honor: European Assault[]

Several destroyed Kubelwagens can be found in the Escape at Dawn.

Medal of Honor: Vanguard[]

One Kubelwagen appears in the loading screen for the mission Endgame and later a destroyed one can be found in the level. It's near the road of the trench entrance. 

Medal of Honor: Airborne[]

The Kubelwagen can be first seen in Infinite Mischief. The vehicle can be found in other levels as well.

Medal of Honor: Heroes[]

The Kubelwagel can be seen in a few levels, most notably in the "Your Papers, Please" and "The Church" missions where the enemy documents can be found inside one of the Kubelwagen.


  • Despite the fact that the Kubelwagen engine is in the rear of the body, the rear Infiltrator is the trunk.
  • Kubelwagen in Infiltrator and Frontline the steering wheel is on the right, that is not true.