Kleveburg is a fictive town in Holland and the main setting for the mission 'Rough Landing' and 'The Golden Lion' in Medal of Honor: Frontline.


Houses in Kleveburg, Holland.


Surrounding Kleveburg was farmland that included farm houses, barns and windmills; many German patrols and Panzer IVs were stationed out here. Kleveburg itself was a large town that had a canal running through it, many large buildings and a public green. One of the most favored business was the Golden Lion; a pub that German soldiers and officers frequented when off duty.



Kleveburg has many attractions such as a mermaid statue that is located near the center of the city, and a large Church, too. The town also has a canal running through it, and multiple small bridges. The Golden Lion Pub is one of the most popular social areas for German Gestapo and army personnel who often become so intoxicated they can barely walk. The occupation, however, had shunned citizens of the town and German soldiers had recently been acting racist towards the civilians themselves, for example, not letting civilians into the pub and other areas of interest.


  • Although unconfirmed, Kleveburg may be located near Nijmegen, due to the 82 Airborne fighting around the Area.
    • It is also possible that the name, Kleveburg, may actually be referring to the town of Kleve, Germany; since there is no known records of a Kleveburg in Holland. In addition, Kleve is within a short distance of 15 miles from Nijmegen. It is possible that Kleve was at one point a part of Holland. However, it is possible that the incorrect location of Kleveburg may have been an oversight by historical researchers during the game's development.
  • As seen in the unlockable videos for Needle in a Haystack, the development team actually visited Holland in order to take photos of scenery as visual reference for the levels that take place within Kleveburg. Among the photos take include the mermaid fountain statue featured in the level, The Golden Lion.


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