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The Katana is a class of single-edged sword used by the Imperial Japanese Military during World War II. Katanas were used by the Japanese Army and Marine units, more specifically their officers, throughout World War II, famous for their use in executions and Banzai charges.

Medal of Honor: Rising Sun[]

The Katana is frequently used by Japanese Army and Navy officers, used as a secondary weapon or during charges. It is a melee-type weapon, utilizing a slashing motion for maximum affect. They are worn in a special scabbard on the officer's waist belt, able to be drawn very quickly. The Katana is unusable to the player. 

Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault[]

Like the Rising Sun version, the Katana in Pacific Assault is used exclusively by Japanese Military officers. It is unusable to the player, frequently used in desperate Banzai charges carried out by higher ranking soldiers and Marines. It is accessible via console commands, but unlike other weapons may not be equipped. This is probably because it does not fit under one of the weapon classes (rifles, submachine guns, demolition charges, grenades and binoculars). Two to three slashes from a Katana will kill the player.