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"Kandahar is the south of one of the oldest human settlements known. Once a bustling trade center, it is now torn by centuries of war. A market place in one of the northern parts of the city becomes the scene of a heated battle between coalition soldiers and OPFOR forces in a fight to the death between narrow alleys and market stands"
— In-game description

Kandahar Marketplace is a multiplayer map featured in Medal of Honor (2010).


Kandahar Marketplace is a medium-sized map that combines long sightlines, good cover, and some close-quarters corridors, offering a more various game than some other maps. Snipers can enjoy tall buildings all over the map with wide angles of view, some offering more cover than others. There is a certain long, narrow corridor on one side of the map to avoid, as it is a veritable deathtrap.

Because the spawn points on either side of the map are mostly enclosed by walls and span the width of the entire map, and because of the way the spawns are set up in the game (it will spawn players near the highest concentration of their teammates), spawn trapping can sometimes occur. It is possible for a just few players on one team to camp behind cover on one end of a spawn zone while the entire enemy team spawns in their immediate field of view on the other end. This can continue for a few minutes until one of the players on the team being trapped spawns on the other side of the map. Also, a glitch in the game may cause one player to spawn just outside the enemy's spawn zone at the beginning of the match, giving him the chance to get a few spawn kills, although this is very rare.



Medal Of Honor Kandahar Marketplace Team Assault 1


  • There is a glitch that allows for a player to get on the roof of the tall building with the ammo in the middle of the map using a section of exploded wall on the top floor.
  • It is possible to walk around a large portion of the marketplace without ever touching the ground. This is due to the many planks, walls, awnings, and roofs connecting some of the main buildings and areas.