Jon McCollum
Jon McCollum
Appears in Medal of Honor: Vanguard
Rank Lieutenant
Status Alive
Weapon M1928A1 Thompson
Voice Actor Dublin James

Lieutenant Jon McCollum is a minor character in Medal of Honor: Vanguard, he only appears in Haunted and Predators and is the leader of Keegan's platoon. During Operation: Market Garden, he led Frank Keegan's platoon to victory in the Town of Grave. He is an Irish-American with red hair, and uses an M1928A1 Thompson during combat. He is a playable character in multiplayer.



Lieutenant McCollum first appears at the end of Haunted, although he is not seen before then it is likely he was commanding the platoon during Operation Market Garden before he is seen. When Keegan destroys the Anti-Air Gun he gives a speech and orders his platoon to move to Grave. When they get there, they are ambushed by Germans in a town centre from both sides, Lieutenant McCollum and Keegan's squad fight off the ambush. Once they deal with the Ambush Lieutenant McCollum gives the order: 'Sergeant Keegan, we have to take Grave by nightfall or this whole operation is in jeprody, move through town and clear out any resistance you encounter.', he is not seen again after that, although it can be assumed that he is at another part of Grave, commanding the platoon.


  • In multiplayer selection screen, he using MP40, although he never uses it in gameplay.
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