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Lieutenant Joe Baylor is a minor character in the Medal of Honor series.



Baylor was a pilot in the USAAF, and during the night of June 11, 1944, he was sent on a secret mission along with an AlliedG3 Operations Officer to meet up with a French Resistance cell deemed "the Maquis". In the beginning, everything went as planned, the G3 gaining information of the Maquis, Allied battle plans, and other vital scraps of information. Later that night, however, his plane was shot down by German fighter planes, and they crashed in the hedgerows near Dubuisson, France, the hometown of Manon Batiste. Baylor was miraculously uninjured in the crash, but the G3 suffered life-threatening injuries and required medical help right away. Joe, trying to help his comrade, retreated into the darkness of the night to find any medical supplies he could get his hands on, and in the process dropped his logbook in a small crevice. When he came back to the plane, the G3 Officer was nowhere to be found.


The next morning, on June 12, he was greeted by fellow Lieutenant Mike Powell of the Office of Strategic Services and was to be escorted to an underground Maquis safehouse, where he would be up with Manon. After a long battle with German search parties looking for the G3, the two came across a large Church, where they found the safehouse beneath the alter. Baylor was then safe and was to be kept by Batiste until help could come his way. That night, newly recruited Lieutenant Jimmy Patterson of the OSS recovered his logbook and upon further investigation, found the G3 dead in the sewers beneath the town.