James Broderick Sullivan is a corpsman featured in Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault. He is Thomas Conlin's squad medic.

Biography[edit | edit source]

James Broderick Sullivan was born in Oak Park, Illinois in 1918. His father was a successful textiles businessman and his mother was caretaker to the Sullivan estate - primarily his younger brother and two sisters. Due to the wealth of the Sullivan family, they were treated like royalty in most parts of Oak Park, although James never felt particularly at ease with the extents by which they were catered to.

Mostly to get away from that uneasiness, James would often immerse himself into his scholastic studies. He was an academic decathlon finalist in high school. He was reserved in school, tempered by his own sense of self-worth and the want to - if only for a moment - have people forget he was a Sullivan and know him only by his outstanding work ethic. With his advanced placement classes and the Sullivan wealth, James entered Northwestern University and moved into the university's prestigious Fienberg School of Medicine.

About the time of his junior year, James unexpectedly dropped out of school and enlisted in the Navy. His family was naturally shocked to learn that their older, educated son had moved to join the war but any of James' classmates would tell you that he was clearly years above the schooling they were being taught. Whether it was the boredom of the curriculum or the sense he was not far enough from a family name adored by so many, enlisting in the Navy to become a Corpsmen seemed like the most natural thing to do. James could disappear in the swell of enlisted men and, as a part of a medical team, help those who needed him most.

After some preliminary medical verification by the Navy, James was moved to San Diego to take part and monitor the required boot camp for all enlisted personnel. He was eventually assigned to the US Marine Corps as a Corpsman. He participated in that capacity for World War 2.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In the game you can see his skills increase. If the raid on Makin was able to snatch it, looking at the wounds of the people and slowly bandaging the wounded, during the battle for Tarawa he calmly looks at the wound and faster healing people.
  • You will notice that over time, James hides the signs of orderly (e.g. stick tape). He probably heard rumors that the Japanese are given special rewards for killing orderlies.
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