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James Broderick Sullivan is a major character, corpsman featured in Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault. He is Thomas Conlin's squad medic.


James Sullivan comes from a wealthy family. According to Thomas Conlin, James went to war for money.At boot camp, it turned out that James Sullivan had a medical background, so his skills were tested.

After boot camp, the new recruits parted ways. While Tommy was assigned to Pearl Harbor, Sullivan might have fought in either Bataan or the East Indies.The next time Sullivan was reunited with his comrades was during the raid on Makin.

James Sullivan was a trusted medic in Thomas Conlin's squad, who went from an inexperienced soldier to an irreplaceable member of the team. He had fought thier way with Conlin from Makin to Tarawa.


  • In the game you can see his skills increase. If in he raid on Makin he was able to barf, looking at the wounds of the people and slowly bandaging the wounded, during the battle for Tarawa he calmly looks at the wound and faster healing people.
  • You will notice that over time, James hides the signs of orderly (e.g. stick tape). He probably heard rumors that the Japanese are given special rewards for killing orderlies.