Ivarsen Frontline
Appears in Medal of Honor: Frontline
Rank Private
Affiliations 29th Infantry Division, US Army
Nationality Flag of the United States American
Status K.I.A.
Death June 6, 1944
Normandy, France
Sex Male
Weapon M1 Garand
Level Your Finest Hour

Private Ivarsen is a character featured in Medal of Honor: Frontline. He is a member of the 29th Infantry Division and participates in the invasion of Normandy, assaulting Omaha Beach.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

Ivarsen enlisted in the US Army some time prior to 1944, and likely trained with the 29th Infantry Division at Fort Meade, Maryland. After crossing the Atlantic and arriving in Great Britain, Ivarsen would have trained for the invasion of Normandy at a number of locations across England and Scotland.

Operation Overlord Edit

Early in the day on 6 June 1944, Ivarsen was among the first to disembark onto the French beach under heavy machine-gun fire. When his unit becomes pinned down along the sea wall, his commanding officer orders him to retrieve Private Jones, the demolitions expert, located further down the beach. Unfortunately, Ivarsen is cut down by machine-gun moments later.

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