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"What's wrong daddy?"
— Isabella during Preacher's Story Trailer

Isabella "Bella" Walker is a minor character in Medal of Honor: Warfighter. She is the only (current) child to US Navy SEAL Preacher and Lena Walker who survived the bomb attack in Madrid.


Isabella is the daughter of Tom "Preacher" and Lena in Warfighter, she appears in the hospital where Preacher is taken to after the bomb at the train station. She is seen again in Old Friends where Dusty tells Lena about Preacher being MIA in Dubai. She sees her mother crying and asks what's wrong. Isabella is then seen at Mother's funeral where his comrades honor him and at the last scene, she stood next to her parents as the sun casted down sunrays with her parents finally made peace.

She is then seen at the diner where Preacher and Mother were last seen before Lena gave birth to her and she was seen alone again with her mother when her father has to go back to work as his phone rang.


  • She is the first and only child seen in Warfighter, and is the only child of Preacher.
  • She is the second child known by the team (First was Mother's).
  • She is the first child to appear in the Medal of Honor series.
  • Isabella had a line in the story trailer but was not said in the final game.