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"Shortly after the incident at the port, Mako returns to the scene of the crime to find out who was shipping the explosives."
— Missions Menu Description

Hot Pursuit is the fourth campaign mission in Medal of Honor: Warfighter. The entire mission involves a car chase through Karachi, and the player will have to restart from a checkpoint if the target gets too far ahead. In the final area, Preacher must ram the target car so he can obtain the driver's cell phone.


Preacher, again on the phone with Lena, arranges a meeting to spend time with his daughter Isabella. Preacher and Lena continue to argue, with their marriage looking bleak. Meanwhile, Mother and Voodoo talk about their options, noting Preacher took his honorable discharge. As Preacher walks to the train, he sees Marwan al-Kalifa. Running to the train to stop him, the train suddenly explodes, launching Preacher several feet.

Eight weeks before, Preacher is performing a stakeout in Pakistan, with Dusty and Ajab performing over watch via drone. Suddenly, the person they are waiting on gets shot. Ajab finds the shooter and Preacher begins to chase him.

The chase unfolds through the port. Soon, the driver manages to go through the nearby processing/energy plant. The target then drives into a local village and the chase narrows from the small buildings.

After returning to the road, the target goes into oncoming traffic, then into an alley. They then enter the slums of the towns suburbs. Local fighters run across and try to engage Preacher, but to no avail. Preacher begins to catch up and slams his SUV into the targets car, flipping it.

Preacher walks out of his car, tears open the door, and retrieves the cell phone. He sees the enemy barely awake and punches him. Preacher then returns to his car through a small crowd.


  • It is impossible to kill civilians as they disappear if they are in danger and also the pavement (sidewalk) is too high to mount in some places.
  • The handbrake command (RB/R1/Space) can be used on this mission, but the game doesn't reveal this function until the next driving mission, Hello and Dubai.
  • The title of the mission is a direct reference to EA's Need for Speed Hot Pursuit.
  • In the trailer, lines were spoken and somebody said Fucker but Dusty's line are only said.
  • The shooter's car may be based on the first generation Mitsubishi Pajero while Preacher's may be the first generation Nissan X-Terra.



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Icon Name Description
MOHWF Pit and Pin Trophy.png Pit and Pin Completed Hot Pursuit
MOHWF Vender Bender Trophy.png Vender Bender Destroyed 90 market stalls in Hot Pursuit