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"10 three minute rounds, no respawns. Attackers take one of two flags back to the finish line for two points. Eliminating the other team while holding the flag scores two points. Eliminating the other team is one point. Attack and defend roles switch at halftime. Team with most points after 10 rounds wins."
— Loading Screen Description

Home Run is a new multiplayer game mode for Medal of Honor: Warfighter.


Home Run borrows some elements from Capture The Flag and Clean Sweep.

A match from this game mode is made up of 10 rounds that take three minutes each.

The attacking team is tasked with taking one of two flags from the defending team. The defending team is tasked with killing all of the players in the attacking team before they can capture one of the two flags.

When a player is killed, he cannot respawn back into the fight and has to spectate his teammates for the rest of the round.

After 5 rounds, the attacking and defending teams switch.

When the attacking team captures a flag, the round will end and the attacking team scores two points. If the attacking team eliminates all the players on the defending team, they earn one point and the round still ends.

When the defending team eliminates all the players on the attacking team, the round ends and they earn one point. If the defending team prevents the any attacking team player from taking one of the two flags and kills off the whole attacking team, they earn two points and the round ends.

The team with the most points after the 10 rounds wins the match.