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"Come and get me, you coward!"
— Hildebrandt, taunting the player

Standartenführer Hildebrandt is a minor character appearing in Medal of Honor: Allied Assault: Spearhead. He appears in the first mission of the game.


Standartenführer Hildebrandt was a Waffen S.S. officer in charge of the area in Normandy, France. He is assigned to be eliminated by three British paratroopers from the 6th Airborne Division sent behind enemy lines to sabotage other equipment and destroy artillery. He is later seen escaping a manor house which the commandoes along with Sgt. Jack Barnes raided. He is then pursued by them to another street house where Barnes chases him upstairs and guns him down, causing his lifeless body to go flying over the rails and land at the front of the house.



  • He is playable in multiplayer mode, as "Normandy Colonel".
  • Oddly, in single player, his character model is that of a standard Waffen SS officer (human/german_waffenss_officer.tik), when he was supposed to be wearing a Waffen SS colonel uniform.
  • When you do kill Hildebrant, his cap sometimes falls off his head as he goes over the rail. But upon going downstairs, his hat is still on his head, despite it having fallen off.