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"Oh, fuck this, I've seen this movie. Private, switch with me."
— Hernandez

Corporal Hernandez is a non-playable character in Medal of Honor (2010). He is a member of the 1st Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment under Sgt. Jim Patterson.


During Belly of the Beast, Hernandez fought alongside Sergeant Patterson and Specialist Dante Adams. In combat, he is shown as fairly headstrong and aggressive. In Rescue the Rescuers, he was thrown around violently after a RPG hit his squad's Chinook, but remained uninjured until after Patterson's men advanced up to a small spider hole, in which he ignored Sergeant Patterson's advice to stand back. As a result, he was shot multiple times in the shoulder. He was left behind with Technical Sergeant Ybarra to find medical help. Hernandez is shown at the end watching over the site with the remainder of the Rangers and SEALs.


  • He carries the team's medical kit.
  • Hernandez curses a lot, more than any other Ranger. He curses out of anger, when being shot at, and being hurt
  • Hernandez is very hard headed, as you can see in the last mission. When he walks up to the spider hole, Patterson says to him he needs to wait, but instead he opens the cave and gets hit by a bullet.
  • Hernandez shows respect for Rabbit during Rabbit's demise, saying "Damn, this cabron is really tough."
  • Hernandez is seen chewing tobacco in the beginning cutscene for the mission Rescue the Rescuers.
  • Hernandez is of a Latin-American descent, as his last name provides reference. He also curses in Spanish frequently during the campaign.