"Attention American Commando, you are surrounded and there is no chance for escape. Put down your weapons now and you will be treated with charity and kindness."
Mustard Gas Production

Oberst Hermann Müller is an antagonist in the Medal of Honor series. He appears in Medal of Honor and Medal of Honor: Allied Assault. He is the commander of Fort Schmerzen, a German fort on the Siegfried line.

Hermann Müller
HQMüller 0136.JPG
Appears in Medal of Honor

Medal of Honor: Allied Assault

Rank Oberst (Colonel)
Affiliations Nazi Germany
Status Deceased
Death 1945

Background[edit | edit source]

Müller was in charge of the Mustard gas production at Fort Schmerzen. He is depicted by Manon as "A pig of a man, a gluttonous creature foul in both appearance and temperament." He often didn't report in at the fort, which may explain why is never seen in-game (with the exception of a multiplayer skin). He was planing to use a Junkers Ju-87 to drop a new form of deadly Mustard gas on top of American troops attempting to infiltrate the Siegfried line. In 1944, the bowels of Fort Schmerzen underwent reconstruction to convert it into a production facility for Mustard gas. He survived Jimmy Patterson's raid on Fort Schmerzen, but was killed after Mike Powell destroyed the fort completely. He was using the restroom in his personal quarters when Patterson infiltrated Schmerzen, and left his keys there, which granted Patterson access to the production area of the fort, causing the fort to be filled with deadly gas. Fort Schmerzen would later be restored, but Powell finally destroyed it altogether in 1945.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Colonel Müller in 1944.

Müller is overweight, bald, and known as a rogue to the Oberkommando der Wehrmacht(OKW), who almost never knew what he was up to. He was quite unpleasant, as it says above he was described as a "pig" with a bad temper. Müller even had his own domestic servant, Manon Batiste, who was undercover spying at the time, but she was never able to find out what his plans were for the fort.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • He appears as a multiplayer skin in Medal of Honor.
  • The code to unlock him in multiplayer is ironically "BIGFATMAN".
  • Müller was an Oberst in the Wehrmacht. [1]
  • Patterson was originally supposed to fight Müller, but was cancelled due to an unknown reason. [2]

Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. "Oberst is the equivalent rank of Colonel in the Wehrmacht."
  2. By entering the cheat code "DWIGALLERY" you will be able to view a gallery of different staff members, but close to the end of the slideshow, there will be a picture titled "Lost Scene Fight Between Jimmy & Müller", which shows Patterson fighting Müller, who is half-naked.
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