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"Following the money, Mother and Preacher head to the modern city of Dubai to find a banker with dirty connections."
— Missions Menu Description

Hello and Dubai is the tenth campaign mission for Medal of Honor: Warfighter. Preacher and Mother continue working from the information they forced out of Faraz and find the banker named Hassan. After Mother has incapacitated Hassan and he's thrown into the car's trunk that Preacher is driving. Mother accesses Hassan's laptop with the intention of transmitting his files directly to Dusty and OGA. Preacher is forced to avoid Hassan's security forces in the streets of Dubai as they try to find another vehicle to escape in. After dodging and weaving, they attempt to change cars but are unsuccessful, and proceed to drive into a sandstorm in an attempt to lose the security forces. Its here that Sad Al Din is discovered to be Hassan's Chief of Security and attempt to intercept Preacher. Mother successfully transmits Hassan's information to OGA but Sad rams into the side of Preacher's car shortly afterward. Sad Al Din then captures Preacher and Mother.



Medal Of Honor Warfighter Mission 10 Hello And Dubai

Tenth Mission Of Medal Of Honor Warfighter


Icon Name Description
MOHWF Pedal to the Medal Trophy.png Pedal to the Medal Completed Hello and Dubai
MOHWF Storm Watch Trophy.png Storm Watch Got through the sandstorm without hitting any vehicles in Hello and Dubai