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"The remaining members of TF Mako put their sharpshooting skills to the test in order to rescue the captain of a merchant vessel being held for ransom by Somali Pirates."
— Missions Menu Description

Hat Trick is the seventh campaign mission for Medal of Honor: Warfighter.


For the transcript, see Hat Trick/Transcript.

The mission has Task Force Mako assigned with saving a merchant vessel's captain from three Somali pirates holding him hostage in a drifting lifeboat. Stump, Voodoo and Dingo appeared to set up their OBR 7.62 rifles on mattresses at the aft helipad of a Destroyer, Mako waits for almost 18 hours to get a good shot at all three pirates. Afterwards, when Tick shot a flare from behind on Voodoo's signal, the pirates went in to panic and held the Captain at gunpoint. Stump shot the pirate who held the captain while Voodoo and Dingo shoot the other two, one guarding on the nose while the other inside the ship next to the pirate whom Stump neutralized. The SEALs are able to bring the captain back to safety afterwards, ending the mission.


Icon Name Description
MOHWF One Shot Three Kills Trophy.png One Shot, Three Kills Completed Hat Trick


  • This mission was inspired by the real life April 12, 2009 rescue of Richard Phillips, captain of the container ship Maersk Alabama, by US Navy SEALs.
  • The mission appeared to take place on the aft helipad of an Arleigh-Burke Guided Missile Destroyed vessel which was named USS Bainbridge (DDG-96) which actually took place in the rescue mission of Captain Phillips.
  • This mission is arguably the shortest and least interactive mission in the campaign.
  • A "hat trick" is a term used in sports such as hockey and soccer for a player scoring 3 goals in a match, a reference to the three effective shots made by the DEVGRU SEALs in the mission.



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