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The really HMS Campbeltown

The HMS campbeltown was a british destroyer of the Royal Navy. It is known to have participated in the Operation: Chariot.


Saint Nazaire[]

Initially, the destroyer was a ship of the US Navy. The ship was selected to participatd ina a audacious raid in St Nazaire. It should be use as suicide ship. It was filled with 3 t of explosives intended destroy the door lock of the Joubert form in St. Nazaire making the drydock unusable. Thus, the Tirpitz could not be used in France because it was the only dry dock that could accomodate a ship as large. 

The commandos on board the destroyer during the raid.

The March, 28th, 1942, at 1am the ship was in Saint Nazaire. The british fleet was then discovered by german position. The ship accelerated to 20 knots and progress iluminer by spotlight and under fire from german naval and anti-aircraft battery and german machin guns. The HMS Campbeltown succeded in be embedded deeply into the door lock. The 80 commanods present on board landed. At the end of the raid, the destroyer exploded killing 400 germans and making unusable the drydock until the end of the war. 

Notables Commandos []

Notable commandos present on board during the raid: