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The HK 45C is a compact .45 caliber handgun that appears in Medal of Honor: Warfighter. The HK 45C was developed as an improvement of the USP series, and is produced by Heckler & Koch. It has reliable stopping power and a magazine capacity of 10 .45 ACP rounds.

Medal of Honor: Warfighter[]

"The compact version of the HK 45 is a light alternative the Heavy Gunnerʹs Primary weapon. 8 round magazine."
— Battlelog Description

In the campaign the HK 45CT is the sidearm of choice for Stump .

In multiplayer, the weapon is available as the sidearm of the Heavy Gunner class. It is a high-power pistol, due to the large .45 Auto round, but has a moderately small magazine, and its recoil can make it difficult to aim follow-up shots at range.


  • The HK 45C uses two types of magazines. One is the compact 8-round type in singleplayer, while the standard 10-round magazine is used in multiplayer. Originally it had a 15-round type in the trailer, but was corrected in the final build.