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"You're the front seater of an AH-64D Apache on mission with your companion aircraft, Gunfighter 11. Together you will go "switches hot" on Taliban mortar teams, Al-Qaeda RPG gunners and AAA positions with the Apache's deadly arsenal of high-tech weaponry."
— Missions Menu Description 

Gunfighters is the sixth campaign level in Medal of Honor (2010). The player assumes control of Brad Hawkins, the gunner of an AH-64 Apache gunship. The player proceeds on a rail to destroy numerous encampments of al-Qaeda fighters and a village of Taliban fighters. The player is armed with 30mm MGs, Hydra rockets, and Hellfire missiles.


Immediately after driving off the Taliban from Bravo 1-6, Gunfighter 06 tests their weapon systems on static vehicles in a valley. Once they are confirmed to be operational, the two helicopters identify and destroy three enemy mortar teams with Hellfire missiles.

The next target is a small hillside village suspected of being used as an ammunition cache. The village is heavily defended with small arms but the gunships engage the village regardless. One building, after being struck by numerous Hydra rockets detonates with a large secondary explosion, confirming that the suspected ammo cache had been destroyed.

During the engagement, Gunfighter 11 had sustained a direct hit from an RPG and lost the use of her weapon systems. The airmen decide to continue the search-and-destroy operation by having Gunfighter 11 mark targets and Gunfighter 06 destroy them with Hellfires. The helos strafe a number of enemy mortar and RPG positions, and destroy an encampment. As they are preparing to return to base, the Gunfighters are ambushed by a camouflaged anti-aircraft gun position and take damage. The gunships counter attack and destroy the enemy position with the last of their ammunition.

On the return flight, the helos are targeted by another anti-aircraft weapon and with no ammunition remaining can not defend themselves. Moments before the gunner opens fire, however, he is shot in the head by an unseen shooter who the Apache crews praise over the radio.

Related Achievements and Trophies[]

The following achievements/trophies can be completed on this mission.

Image Name Criteria Gamerscore Trophy type
C bad guy jamboree.png Bad Guy Jamboree Complete Gunfighters 15 G Bronze
C it takes a village out.png It Takes A Village... Out In Gunfighters, destroy 30 buildings in the village 10 G Bronze




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