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"I got guys coming out of huts, trucks, rocks; it's a Goddamn jamboree down there."
— Gunfighter 06's pilot

Gunfighter 1-1 is the callsign of an AH-64 Apache during Medal of Honor (2010) singleplayer. They aid Gunfighter 0-6 by marking targets for the hellfire missiles to destroy, and initially aid in destroying a village of Taliban. However, after taking a hard hit by an RPG-7, their weapon systems malfunction. They continue to mark targets for Gunfighter 0-6 until the end of the level.


  • The pilot is female. She is one of the few females to have an appearance in any Medal of Honor game.
  • The pilot is voiced by Christine Lakin, best known for her roles as Alicia "Al" Lambert in the 90s sitcom "Step by Step" and Joan of Arc in Showtime's "Reefer Madness".
  • The unit was originally referred to as "Killer Spade 7" in the game files.

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