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Gruppa Alfa (also called the Alpha Group, Alfa Group, or Spetsgruppa A) is an elite, stand-alone component of Russia's special forces and the dedicated counter-terrorism task-force of the Russian Federal Security Service. Their training and experience make them comparable to other foreign special operations units such as the British SAS, US Navy SEALs and SFOD-D.

They are the Russian Tier 1 unit for Medal of Honor: Warfighter.


  • The Gruppa Alfa Sniper is the only Sniper to wear a beanie.
  • The camouflage pattern for Alfa seems to be the autumn version of the Partizan pattern, which is synonymous with the group.
  • When reloading not empty DDM4, Alfa Group Assaulter will do a maneuver similar to how a Sniper would reload not empty Glock 18, grabbing a magazine and switching it with the used magazine in one hand.