"Greta" is the name for a large K5 Railway Gun that was used by the Germans in Normandy. It appears in Medal of Honor and Allied Assault.

Medal of HonorEdit

in the mission "Destroy the Mighty Railgun Greta" OSS agent James Patterson is tasked with destroying "Greta" which has been shelling allied ships around Normandy. During the briefing the weapon has managed to destroy a fuel tanker and a hospital ship. By the time Patterson reaches the railgun, it has managed to destroy a third ship.

Patterson first destroys the reserve train engine that was meant to transport her and finally finds "Greta" herself where he silences the mighty railgun with explosive charges.

Medal of Honor: Allied AssaultEdit

In the mission "Diverting the Enemy", the player will come across "Greta" in flames, the mission takes place in the same location that she was destroyed and the mission also takes place one week after "Greta" was destroyed by Patterson.

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