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The Gewehr 43, or G43, is a German semi-automatic rifle featured in several games of the Medal of Honor series. The Gewehr 43 or Karabiner 43 is based on the Soviet SVT38/40 semi-auto rifles and it replaced the G41 rifle. It was produced from 1943-1945 and it remained service in a few countries after the war. In most games the Gewehr 43 is equipped with a ZF-4 telescopic scope making it a powerful sniper rifle.

Medal of Honor: Underground[]

The Gewehr 43 makes its first appearance in Medal of Honor: Underground, where it is briefly used when Manon has to infiltrate a castle to collect intel on the new StG-44. It is also seen in the liberation of Paris, as it's the starting weapon for the mission. It is a good weapon to pick off enemies from a long ranges and since it is a semi automatic rifle, it can dispatch enemies quickly. The unscoped version can be seen in multiplayer menu screen.

Medal of Honor: Allied Assault: Spearhead and Breakthrough[]

The G43 is a German semi-automatic rifle and is available only in the expansion packs of Allied Assault: Spearhead and Breakthrough. In Spearhead it can be found in the Bastogne level just after destroying the second Nebelwerfer. In Breakthrough the G43 can be only found in the multiplayer as a starting weapon for the German soldiers, but is possible to use it in singleplayer by using cheat code to have all weapons. In both Spearhead and Breakthrough's multiplayer the G43 replaces the Kar-98k sniper for the German soldiers. The G43 is one of the best rifles with high damage, rate of fire (compared to the other sniper rifles) and magazine capacity. 

Medal of Honor: Frontline[]

The Gewehr 43 is available for the 3rd time in a row. It is visually similar to the Allied Assault version in that it only comes with a scope, and its effectiveness, but that's where the similarities end. Gewehr 43 can be found in the Several Bridges Too Far and The Horten's Nest missions, and in the last level of Rolling Thunder

Medal of Honor: European Assault[]

The G43 is once again available to the player. It is found both scoped and unscoped. The unscoped version is found in the beginning of the first part of the Russian theatre, as one of the player's starting weapons, whereas the scoped version is found during the Battle of the Bulge theatre, as part of the first mission. It is found near the first Nemesis. It is similar to the M1 Garand in many ways, boasting two more rounds per magazine, but both G43s are only found in one mission each. The Scoped G43 has different stats like lowered rate of fire and maximum ammo capacity. This might be done to balance the weapon out. 

Medal of Honor: Vanguard[]

The Gewehr 43, named the Gewehr in-game doesn't make an appearance in Vanguard's single player, with the K98k taking the role as primary Axis rifle of choice, but for those who choose the Axis side in multiplayer, it is the player's starting weapon. It is exactly the same as the one in European Assault, with the same damage, recoil, and even the same skin. Thanks to its inclusion in Multiplayer though, a scoped version cannot be obtained. It's 10 round magazine, ability to reload mid-magazine, higher fire cap, and lower recoil make this weapon superior to the M1 Garand in multiplayer, with any person with even slight experience being able to out-perform a player with the M1 Garand. 

Medal of Honor: Heroes and Heroes 2[]

The Gewehr 43, named Gewehr in-game returns in both games but only the scoped version is usable. In Heroes 2 Wehrmacht soldiers are wielding the unscoped variant but cannot be obtained from them. In Heroes the Gewehr has high damage capable killing an enemy with a single-shot and has a 10 round magazine but rather slow rate-of-fire. The model and sounds are the same as in European Assault.  

In Heroes 2 the Gewehr's stats, model and sounds are the same as in Heroes. In the Wii version however the Gewehr 43 has a different model, very similar to the model from Airborne, with higher quality textures than it's PSP counterpart. The scope reticle is different as well, resembling more it's real life counterpart. Since the Gewehr has a 10 round magazine, makes it a superior weapon compared to the Springfield which also can be found in single player. In both games in multiplayer/skirmish it can be chosen as a starting weapon. 

Medal of Honor: Airborne[]

G43 is available in Airborne. It has good stopping power and rate of fire, combined with a 10-round magazine (which can be upgraded to 20). The weapon has moderately high recoil. It is available with the following upgrades:

  • Scope: Sniping capability

In singleplayer campaign, the fact that scope cannot be unmounted once rewarded upsets some players. Basically, it forcefully trades a great assault weapon into a mediocre tactical sniper rifle.

Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond[]

The Gewehr 43 appears used by German soldiers


  • In Underground the Gewehr 43's magazine only holds 5 rounds instead of 10 rounds like in real life.
  • In Underground the Gewehr 43 re-uses the reloading sound effect of the M1 Garand in the first game (although it is played at a slower speed).
  • In Underground in the multiplayer menu screen, two unscoped Gewehr 43s can be spotted.
  • In Underground's multiplayer loadout selection menu, the Gewehr 43 does not have it's own picture but instead re-uses the Springfield's picture from Medal of Honor.
  • In Frontline, even if the magazine is empty, the player can still see rounds when recharging.
  • In Airborne every Gewehr 43 dropped on the ground has a scope on it, even when the player dosen't have the scope upgrade. Also, every enemy soldier who is equipped with a Gewehr 43 it has a scope on it.