"Oh, thank goodness! I thought I was finished."
— Gerritt upon being rescued by Lt. James Patterson.

Gerritt is a character featured in Medal of Honor: Frontline. He is a member of the Dutch Resistance operating near the town of Kleveburg in Holland.

Mohf gerritt
Appears in Medal of Honor: Frontline
Affiliations Dutch Resistance
Office of Strategic Services
Status Alive
Sex Male
Level Operation Repunzel

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

Following the German invasion of the Netherlands, Gerritt joined with the Dutch Resistance in an effort to actively resist the occupation.

Operation Repunzel Edit

In September 1944, Gerritt discovered valuable information pertaining to "Project 3X1000" after stealing documents from the Wehrmacht. He made an effort to pass the information on to Lieutenant Jasper Shelton, an officer with the OSS, but suddenly disappeared before he was able to do so. Shelton informed Colonel Stanley Hargrove of the situation, who deployed Lieutenant James Patterson in an effort to retrieve the documents and ascertain Gerritt's fate.

Patterson landed outside the town of Kleveburg alongside elements of the 82nd Airborne Division before making his way, alone, into town. There, he made contact with Fox, another member of the Dutch Resistance, with orders to drive Patterson through town and on to Dorne Manor, where Gerritt is being held captive. Unfortunately, a firefight breaks out as the pair make their way through town and Fox is killed, forcing James to continue on foot. He is eventually able to infiltrate the manor later that night, and makes contact with a housemaid sympathetic to the resistance. With her help, Patterson retrieves the documents before locating Gerritt on the second floor. With Patterson leading the way, the two men make their way outside and commandeer a Kubelwagen, using it to escape the area.

Notes Edit

  • When Gerritt falls from the second floor, he lands on the ground and not the pile of hay. Despite this, he seems uninjured.
  • Gerritt acts very nervous, and refuses to continue into an area until it has been cleared of hostiles.
  • He appears to be an OSS agent operating with the Dutch Resistance, as he lacks a Dutch accent and instead sounds American.
  • He shares a similar appearance with the G3 Officer in Medal of Honor, who must be located during the first campaign level.
  • He's referred to as a "pilot" in Medal of Honor: Heroes.