The German Fighter plane is a vehicle that only appears in Medal of Honor: Frontline.

Medal of Honor: Frontline[edit | edit source]

The Fighter plane first appears in the mission "Your Finest Hour" where it strafes a Higgins boat and destroys it, the another Fighter then appears after the player saves a soldier, it strafes the beach then doubles round, strafes it again and flies behind a hill.

More Fighter planes then appear in the mission "Into the Breach" where once the player enters the top of the pillbox a fighter is seen chasing after P-51 Mustang, once the player kills the crew in the bunker another Fighter can be seen being chased by three mustangs.

The third and final appearance of the fighter is in the mission "Seaside Stowaway" where it strafes and destroys a Jeep and flies overhead.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The plane appears to look like a Stuka but without the fixed gear.
  • The model of the plane was reused for the Arado Ar 196, by adding floats and a balkenkreuz to the tail.
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