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"The village of GARMZIR, situated in the southern part of Afghanistan, lies close to the Helmand Ricer. This small town becomes a violent inferno as coalition Special Forces insert to clear the town of OPFOR fighters."
— In-game description

Garmzir town is a medium-sized map featured in Medal of Honor (2010), in which combat is focused on a small marketplace on the east side of a river that stretches down the center of the map. Most positions offer long sight lines, at the expense of cover, and vice versa.


This map is moderately sized for a non Combat Mission map. The bridge spans both sides of the map, with a small creek running underneath it. There are only two buildings in which players may take cover from Offensive Support Actions.

Players may get on top of several of the buildings, gaining a great vantage point over the creek bed, which has very minimal cover, besides some boulders and foliage.



Medal Of Honor Online Multiplayer Team Asssault Gazmir Town