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The G36 is an Assault Rifle designed and manufactured by German-based company Heckler and Koch. Introduced in the early 1990's as a replacement for the earlier G3, the G36 has since become the standard service rifle of the German Armed Forces. The G36C, the "C" standing for "Compact", is a shortened version of the weapon, and has seen use by many police and army units worldwide. The G36C appears in Medal of Honor: Warfighter

Medal of Honor: Warfighter[]

"Modernized design of the G3 battle rifle the 5.56 mm G36C is lighter and more flexible, allowing operators to carry greater ammunition load outs while still being able to field the necessary equipment and gear based on mission needs."
— Battlelog Description (Sic)

The G36C, known in game as the G36, is only available in the Multiplayer for the Spec Ops class.

The weapon has a fairly rapid rate of fire, although not as fast as the Mk18 orMP7 weapons in its class. This coupled with its decent damage and range allows the weapon to effectively engage enemies at short to medium distances. When fired fully-automatically however, the recoil can become quite severe, forcing the user to fire in bursts or to customize the weapon for maximum stability. This can impact on the agility of the Spec Ops class, making the player slightly slower, but is preferable when faced with the unpredictable and violent recoil the G36 produces. The weapon also has a tendency to expend ammunition quickly, and is hampered by a slow reload speed. This can be helped by equipping 40 round extended magazines at the further cost of mobility.

Despite its shortcomings, the G36 has the range-damage potential of a full sized assault rifle, assuming it is customized as such, and trades agility for killing power. Although beaten in ROF by the MP7 and Mk 18, and losing to the AK-103 Bullpup for accuracy, the G36 is still a viable weapon for medium range combat, and is a perfect weapon for a Spec Ops player who prefers to engage targets at longer ranges. The high damage and range potential of the G36 will best even the fastest firing weapons in medium distance firefights.



  • In Medal of Honor: Warfighter, the G36 was first seen during the developer commentary as the weapon code FIX W_SMG_G36C_PROG. This has since been fixed in the retail version.
  • The G36 used by the FSK/HJK strangely carries 40 rounds in a 30-round magazine. The other variants have the correct magazine size. There is no 40-round G36 polymer magazine.
  • The G36 used by the FSK/HJK has a suppressor displayed on its profile image and weapon pin, but there is no option of suppressor in the customize menu.