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Götterdämmerung is the third and final level of the mission Escape from the V2 Rocket Plant, as well as the last level of Medal of Honor. It takes place in and around the V2 rocket launch gantry in the early hours of March 25, 1945.



25 March, 1945

In the pandemonium of your assault, the Germans hastily loaded the sabotaged gyroscope into the rocket for an immediate launch. Dr. Grónek knows what you’re up to, so he’s quietly made an exit-- along with someone named Wernher Von Braun.

Before he departed, Grónek did you a big favor-- he cut the communications cable between Nordhausen’s command center and the launch gantry.

It goes without saying, but the gantry will be heavily defended. You’ve got to make it down there, Patterson-- it’s the only place to manually launch the rocket. You’ll find a set of auxiliary controls inside the blockhouse-- begin the launch sequence from there. With the communications cut, there’ll be no way for the command center to stop it.

If you were successful in sabotaging the gyro, the V2 should go into gimbals lock just seconds after launch.

Stay inside the blockhouse-- it’s been reinforced to survive explosions of this magnitude. When the rocket comes crashing down on top of you, it will be the only safe place in all of Nordhausen.

Bonne chance, my dear friend. Good luck.


  • Launch Sabotaged V2




  • Götterdämmerung is German for "Twilight of the Gods".
  • A multiplayer map based on this level is called "Site Seeing" and is unlocked after completing this level, and therefore the game, once.
  • The last words from the German voices in background while V2 just dropped is: "Amerika hat gewonnen" that means "America won".

Background Music[]

  • "Stopping the V2 Launch" (MoH Soundtrack)