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"The previous night's airstrikes were a success, now you and Dusty move higher to hunt dug-in Al-Qaeda fighters. Conceal your movement and watch your noise discipline, or the hunter will become the hunted."
— Missions Menu Description

Friends from Afar is the seventh campaign level in Medal of Honor (2010). The player is to support AFO Wolfpack and Neptune by eliminating enemy fighters, snipers, and mortar teams.


The mission begins immediately as Deuce neutralizes a AAA gunner just as he is about engage the two Apaches from Gunfighters. Dusty confirms the kill and commends Deuce for the excellent shot. Dusty also informs Deuce that there are troops, mortar teams, and enemy snipers on the opposite slope of the valley. Deuce then engages the targets on the mountain with his M82 rifle which is a M107 in real life while Dusty acts as the spotter, calling out the enemy locations. "Double D" manages to eliminate three snipers and a mortar team in addition to the handful of riflemen.

Shortly after killing the enemy fighters across the valley, the anti-personnel mines, that Dusty and Deuce had previously set up, are tripped by approaching foot mobiles. Dusty suggests that he and Deuce stay concealed amongst the rocks, to avoid silhouetting themselves against the sky. Deuce and Dusty engage and eliminate the remaining enemies with their M110 rifles and the MP7A1 PDWs. Dusty examines the dead fighters and, judging from the non-local languages they spoke and the expensive equipment they utilized, concludes that they are not the Taliban or mujahideen, but highly-trained Al-Qaeda fighters.

Deuce and Dusty move on, attacking and destroying another AQ camp and are soon called upon to provide sniper support for AFO Neptune, who are in heavy contact with enemy forces on an adjacent hillside. The two Wolfpack operators engage the AQ forces for as long as they can before Neptune withdraws over a ridge and out of sight.

Related Achievements and Trophies[]

The following achievements/trophies can be completed on this mission.

Image Name Criteria Gamerscore Trophy type
C friends from afar.png Friends From Afar Complete Friends From Afar 15 G Bronze
C like a surgeon.png Like a Surgeon While long range sniping, hit one of every body part 10 G Silver
C have a good one.png Have a Good One Finish all of Deuce's missions 15 G Bronze




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