Francis Giovanni Spinelli
Nickname(s) Frank
Appears in Medal of Honor: Rising Sun
Rank Private First Class
Affiliations United States Marine Corps
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Status Alive
Voice Actor Jon Curry

Private First Class Francis Giovanni "Frank" Spinelli was a Marine or Navy crewman who was present at the attack on Pearl Harbor.


Frank Spinelli was born in Newark, New Jersey. According to the game guide, he was brought up in a vocal Italian family, and has been scrapping to get himself heard ever since. Spinelli used his mouth to get out of a lot of trouble in his neighborhood, and is a self-styled ladies man. He joined the miilitary because he thought he's look good in a uniform. He talks about what a great soldier he is, and, slowly, he is proving it.

During the Attack on Pearl Harbor, Spinelli, along with Cpl. Griffin, GySgt. Lauton, and Pfc. Whitfield, escaped the USS California on a PT boat. Spinelli served as a radio operator during the attack, answering distress calls, including one from the USS Nevada. After the attack was over, Spinelli and Silas celebrated, only to be shut up by Lauton. Spinelli and Silas are not seen again in the game. 


  • Spinelli's last name refers to his Italian heritage.
  • A cigarette can be seen above his left ear.
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