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Francis "Frank" Evan Minoso is a major character in Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault.

Character overview[]

Before the war, Minoso was a skilled machinist, with a dream of opening up his own garage one day. After he out-talked the recruiter at the local YMCA, he decided to enlist.

At boot camp, Minoso impressed the drill sergeant by smashing a dummy apart with his rifle butt. With his towering build and incredible physical strength, he was considered the strongest of Private Thomas Mitchell Conlin's squad.

After boot camp, the new recruits parted ways. While Tommy was assigned to Pearl Harbor, Minoso would have fought in either Bataan or the East Indies and was promoted to Sergeant before the Makin Island Raid, where he was reunited with his boot camp fellows. He received a promotion once more on Guadalcanal, to the rank of Gunnery Sergeant.

Although he was a competent tactical leader as well as a good support gunner, Minoso's squadmates generally considered him to be overshadowed by Tommy's brilliance. Minoso was a bit uncomfortable and possibly jealous about this. Nevertheless, he and Tommy were very close friends despite their competition.

During their redeployment after Guadalcanal, he was a 'passenger' in an SBD Dountless aircraft, as a fill-in rear gunner. Unfortunately, his plane was tailed by a Japanese "Zero", who shot and wounded him before Tommy could clear his tail. Alternatively, if Tommy failed to destroy the Zero in time, Minoso would be shot down and killed.

In either scenario, Minoso wasn't able to participate the action in Tarawa due to his injury or death, leaving Tommy in charge of the squad. In both cases, His beloved Browning Automatic Rifle was inherited by Tommy.


  • Even though Minoso frequently boast how popular he was with girls, at Bloody Ridge he wanted to confess something to Tommy, only to be interrupted by the upcoming Japanese assault. Before that, he said he wanted to get married.
  • He has a vitriolic friendship with Willy Gaines.
  • He is the only member in Tommy's squad that can possibly die during the course of the game.
  • Minoso's fate is a rare case of forking in the generally linear Pacific Assault. Although it won't affect actual gameplay, Tommy's monologues before and after the Tarawa will be different.
    • If Minoso was killed, Tommy would express his remorse.
    • If Minoso survived, Tommy would be glad, and mentioned Minoso was likely being hospitalized and flirting with nurses at the moment.
  • Minoso is a Hispanic family name.


"Stripes come from up high, you redneck."
— Minoso to Willy Gaines after receiving his promotion to Gunnery Sergeant.