Mohf fox
Appears in Medal of Honor: Frontline
Affiliations Dutch Resistance
Office of Strategic Services
Nationality Dutch
Status Deceased
Death 16 September 1944
Kleveburg, Holland
Sex Male
Level The Golden Lion
"Why there's not a straight street in Europe, I will never understand!"
— Fox, while driving through Kleveburg.

Fox is a character featured in Medal of Honor: Frontline. He is a member of the Dutch Resistance operating near the town of Kleveburg in Holland.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

Following the German invasion of the Netherlands, Fox joined with the Dutch Resistance in an effort to actively resist the occupation.

The Golden Lion Edit

Lieutenant James Patterson, an American agent with the OSS, parachutes into Holland in September 1944 with the objective of capturing valuable documents held within the Nazi headquarters at Dorne Manor and rescuing Gerritt, a captured resistance fighter. On the night of 16 September 1944, Patterson makes contact with Fox, who agrees to drive him through the occupied town of Kleveburg, allowing the OSS agent to sabotage numerous Wehrmacht vehicles along the way.

However, the pair are spotted by German forces and a fierce firefight breaks out as Fox drives through town with James returning fire from the back of the truck. While crossing the bridge in the centre of town, a panzerschreck is fired and strikes the front of the vehicle, killing Fox instantly.

Notes Edit

  • Even if the soldier with the panzerschreck is killed prior to firing the weapon, Fox will still crash the vehicle and die.