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The 8.8cm Flak or Eighty-Eight was a German 88mm anti-aircraft and anti-tank artillery gun used by Nazi Germany in World War 2. The 88's were mainly used against aircraft until the Germans realised that the 88 is very effective against enemy tanks when it's fired directly at them. Erwin Rommel made the most effective use of the weapon, during the North African campaign, as he lured tanks of the British Army into traps by baiting them with apparently retreating German Panzers.

Medal of Honor[]

Flak 88 appears only at the level of Officer's Quarters in one of the bunkers. No danger or purpose of the gun itself is presented and is only a decoration.

Medal of Honor: Allied Assault, Spearhead and Breakthrough[]

The Flak 88 is first encountered in Lighting the Torch where Powell and Grillo destroy two 88 guns. The 88 returns in Battle in the Bocage, Day of the Tiger and Return to Fort Schmerzen. In the expansion packs the 88 can be used in both single player and multiplayer. The 88 can take out a tank with one-two hit but it has a very slow reload time.

Medal of Honor: European Assault[]

The Flak 88 returns in European Assault, but it is unusable. 88s appear in the missions Climbing Mamayev Hill and Farmhouse Liberation. They serve as a secondary objective. 

Medal of Honor: Vanguard[]

Flak 88 is only seen in Operation Varsity, where player objective is to destroy all of them near the factories to prevent any other allied plane shot down. 

Medal of Honor: Airborne[]

The Flak 88 only appears in Operation: Avalanche. It is the main objective for the 36th Infantry Division and the 82nd Airborne Division.

Medal of Honor: Heroes 2[]

Flak 88 returns in Heroes 2 and can be used in a few levels to destroy targets of opportunity. The 88 has a very slow rotate time, but much quicker reload time unlike it's Allied Assault counterpart.