A Fire Extinguisher is a fire-fighting tool designed to effectively put out fires yet be portable enough for anyone to be able to use. It is a basic tool seen in hundreds of areas throughout the Medal Of Honor series, but is only usable in Medal of Honor: Rising Sun.

Medal of Honor: Rising SunEdit

The fire extinguisher is usable during the mission "Day Of Infamy". The fire extinguisher is a CO2 variant, and has an unlimited supply[Please check] of CO2 for use. However, the fire extinguisher disappears after the player reaches the deck of the California, as the firefighting is over. In the Single-Player, a cook uses it to help you get through, and it just disappears in the Co-op.


  • It is only usable in the first mission, Day Of Infamy.
  • It is the first weapon,along with the manchete and entrenching tool,with does not do any damage upon the enemy and only use to clearing a path.