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"The events of the Philippines now behind them,Mother and Preacher form TF Blackbird and pursue the P.E.T.N. threat under their own R.O.E.."
— Missions Menu Description

Finding Faraz is the eighth campaign level for Medal of Honor: Warfighter.


The beginning cut scene of the final cutscene in Medal of Honor (2010), with Preacher speaking to Ajab in Darra Adamkhel, Pakistan. The men spot their target, an arms dealer named Faraz Iqbal Khan, and begin herding him toward Mother, who is preparing the getaway vehicle.

As they approach the car however, Faraz takes off, running through a nearby gate. Mother, Preacher, and Ajab give chase, encountering heavy resistance along the way from Faraz's protection force, while receiving guidance from former SFOD-D operator turned OGA agent, Dusty.

The chase leads them to a compound where they fight through Faraz's "company" of men, eventually Preacher catches up to and tackles Faraz. Mother and Preacher begin interrogation, sending Ajab for the car, Faraz reveals that he works with Hassan, a "business man from Dubai", just as he gets the name out however, he is shot in the head by a sniper.

Leaving Faraz's corpse, Mother and Preacher are guided to a large building to use as cover from a mob by Dusty. As the pair get to the building, Ajab arrives with the car and the three drive away quickly, even running over a hostile fighter with their car.



Medal Of Honor Warfighter Mission 8 Finding Faraz-0

Eighth Mission Of Medal Of Honor Warfighter


Icon Name Description
MOHWF Non-Official Cover Trophy.png Non-Official Cover Completed Finding Faraz
MOHWF Tag, You're It Trophy.png Tag, You're It Caught Faraz within 15 minutes in Finding Faraz