Final Uprising is the first level of Medal of Honor: Underground in mission Liberation!

It occurs in the Notre Dame district, Paris on August 19th, 1944.

Briefing Edit

Final Uprising

Saturday 19 August 1944

Bienvenue a Paris, Manon. My name is Helene Fourcade. Our resistance group near the Latin Quarter was informed of your arrival. We Parisians are ready to take back our city, but are in need of a well-equipped government building to make our HQ, and are short on weapons to say the least. We need you to help us capture the Prefecture de Police, roughly 200 yards from Notre Dame. Controlling the Prefecture will give us the means to organize the Paris police force, not to mention the armory within.

The Prefecture will be lightly defended since we will be diverting the German forces by simultaneously staging a riotous take-over on the Hotel de Ville, just to the north. Unfortunately, you will have to undergo your portion of the mission alone. The traitorous Milice will be out in force tonight. If they capture you, pray they deal with you quickly. In most ways, they are worse than the SS. We have hidden a stash of petrol bombs near the obelisk across from the bridge. Get them quickly, and watch for half-tracks that may be in the area.

You should be able to take the office without firing a shot. The clerical staff running it is tired of the occupation and will be glad to see a French person in charge.

De Gaulle himself has already chosen a new police chief, and once the police are on our side, our chances improve dramatically.

Objectives Edit

  • Find petrol bomb cache
  • Destroy all half-tracks (2)
  • Neutralize all prefecture guards (14)
  • Enter the Paris prefecture

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