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The F88, also known as the AUG (Armee Universal Gewehr—Universal Army Rifle), is a bullpup assault rifle designed by Austrian company Steyr Mannlicher. First introduced in the early 1970's, the AUG platform has seen many iterations and has since been used by many armed forces across the world. The F88 refers to the Australian variant of the AUG, adopted as the service rifle of choice for their ground forces. It appears in Medal of Honor: Warfighter.

Medal of Honor: Warfighter[]

"A variant of the Steyr AUG, the F88 alters the twist in the barrel to optimize the heavier NATO cartridge and provides a lockout feature which disables the two stage semiautomatic and full automatic trigger."
— Battlelog Description

The F88 is only available in Multiplayer, as an unlock for the Point Man Class.

The F88 can be considered a jack of all trades of the Point Man Assault Rifles. It has an average rate of fire, good accuracy and low-medium recoil. Usable enough, the weapon does however suffer from low damage per shot, limiting its effectiveness. While decent at close range, the damage drop-off increases the shots needed to kill a more distant enemy, which is difficult as the weapon becomes harder to control when firing fully-automatically.

To improve the weapon's performance at medium ranges, the user can equip the weapon with a low-power scope and the 42 round extended magazine (an uncommon attachment that can be equipped on very few weapons). The zoom on the optic will help the accuracy at range, and the extra ammunition capacity will help account for the low damage or any missed shots. Another viable option is equipping Heavy Hitter ammunition and firing in bursts to maximise accuracy. Those setups, however, limit the agility and effectiveness at close quarters, and that HH Rounds take a long time to load, and only come in 30 round magazines, regardless of if the player equips it with extended magazines.

Highly applicable, the F88 can be modified in a variety of ways to specialize in many areas, most notably medium range combat. While it does not outperform any other weapons in its class in individual statistics, the weapon is a comfortable medium between rapid fire, accuracy and high damage, and the unique 42 round magazine attachment is an advantage not held by many other weapons in the game.