Doyle is a minor character in Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault. He was part of Able Squad during the raid on Makin Atoll.

Appears in Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault
Rank Unknown
Affiliations United States Marine Corps
Nationality American
Status KIA
Death 17 August, 1943, Makin Atoll
Sex Male
Weapon M1 Carbine

Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault Edit

Doyle alongside with others joined to the 2nd Marine Raider Battalion. It is unknown that he served somewhere else prior to the raid. On August 17. 1942, Doyle was part of Able Squad during the raid. On the boat ride to the island he asked Frank Minoso that why they had to bring a rookie alongside the squad. Shortly after a firefight against a japanese unit, Able Squad was making thier way to their objective, but stopped, when the rookie soldier of the squad tripped over a branch and accidentally fired his rifle. Doyle mocked the rookie that he fell over, but shortly after he got shot in the head by a japanese sniper which instantly killed him.

Trivia Edit

  • Doyle cannot be saved, his death is scripted.
  • His rank was never mentioned.
  • His apperance usually changes between levels.
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