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"Push into the snow-capped peaks of the Shahikot on foot, take out Taliban and Al-Qaeda fighters in close quarters battle, eliminate AAA positions with the support of AC-130 gunship Reaper 3-1 all the way to Dorothy, your final O.P. (Observation Point)."
— Missions Menu Description

Dorothy's a Bitch is the fourth level in Medal of Honor (2010).


After moving into the mountains, AFO Neptune is advancing up the mountains, waiting in the brush while they tranquilize a local sheep herder. The advance until they meet a local patrol. The patrol doesn't leave, and they kill them. They soon meet another patrol and they pass without interfering.

After receiving warnings from the local Predator drone, they encounter an enemy camp, and kill all the enemy combatants, although, one is missed and throws a signal flare into the fire before being killed by the operatives. The radio chatter raises and the group believes that they are compromised.

But in fact, the Taliban has been alerted by Reaper 3-1, the local AC-130, instead of AFO Neptune. The AC-130 begins to receive a large amount of Anti-Air fire, which the operatives soon destroy. They soon encounter the Vehicles that AFO Wolfpack marked during the previous mission. Reaper 3-1 destroys the vehicles after being marked by Rabbit.

They advance into a local village, with plenty of combatants. They call for an airstrike by the AC-130, which levels most of the village. After being cleared by Reaper 3-1 of enemy combatants, they move through the ruins. After going about midway, Rabbit gets attacked by a lone surviving Taliban soldier, being held up at gunpoint, until he is fatally shot by Mother through the head.

They advance through a cave, encountering a larger camp, loaded with targets and enemy anti air. They get permission to use Reaper 3-1 to fight against the camp. They laze the anti air targets and the bunkers, destroying them all.

The go through another cave, encountering more combatants on the outside. The combatants start shooting at Reaper 3-1. Rabbit soon gets an RPG, and uses it to destroy an ammo crate, destroying the anti air, saving Reaper 3-1.

Related Achievements and Trophies[]

The following achievements/trophies can be completed on this mission.

Image Name Criteria Gamerscore Trophy type
C unexpected guests.png Unexpected Guests Complete Dorothy's a Bitch 15 G Bronze
C fear the reaper.png Fear the Reaper In Dorothy's a Bitch, destroy the entire AQ camp with the AC-130 10 G Silver




Medal Of Honor Mission 4 Dorothy's A Bitch

Fourth Mission Of Medal Of Honor