Donald Griffin
Nickname(s) Donnie
Appears in Medal of Honor: Rising Sun

Medal of Honor: Rising Sun 2 (cancelled)
Medal of Honor: Heroes (mentioned only)

Rank Private First Class
Affiliations United States Marine Corps
Family Joseph Griffin (older brother)
Mary Griffin (sister)
Nationality Irish-American
Status Alive
Sex Male
Weapon Thompson
Trench gun
Voice Actor Andre Sogliuzzo
Private First Class Donnie Griffin is Joseph Griffin's younger brother. He appears in Medal of Honor: Rising Sun as a Non-player character, and was planned as the primary protagonist in Medal of Honor: Rising Sun 2.


Donnie was born around 1918, and grew up in Mather, Pennsylvania, with his older brother, Joseph Griffin. Although Joseph was Donnie's hero, he wanted to prove himself. When Donnie was thirteen, a neighbor's house caught fire, and he kicked in the back door and pulled two kids to safety. He was a sophomore receiver on the Waynesburg Central High School football team and was put in the all-league team with Joe, who was a senior. Once Joe graduated and became a Marine, Donnie nie became quarterback and led the team to two consecutive titles. Donnie 's brother, Joseph, tried to convince him not to enlist in the war. However, despite his efforts, Donnie enlisted anyway, and was a Private First Class in a demolition unit in the Philippines.

The PhilippinesEdit

On January 1, 1942, Donnie met with his brother Joseph, and his commander, Gunnery Sergeant Jack "Gunny" Lauton, both Pearl Harbor survivors. Donnie 's demolition unit needed to blow a bridge, but the demolition truck his unit had was captured by the Japanese. Joseph fixed up a Stuart tank, and Donnie's was driver and gunner, while Gunny stood in the hatch, and Joe covered from the outside. The three manage to take back the demolition truck. The tank is overran, however, when Donnie is still in it, and he is assumed dead. but Jack and Joseph get away in the truck, and the other demolition specialists blow up the bridge. The level ends with Jack congratulating Joe that they got a hard job done, and that he was sorry about Donnie and says he was a who was a good marine.

Prisoner of WarEdit

Although he is presumed dead, Donnie was really captured by the Japanese soldiers. He is not seen again until July 17, 1944, when Joseph, along with OSS operative Ichiro 'Harry' Tanaka and SOE operative Phillip Bromley infiltrate a Japanese supercarrier. When Joseph and Philip are captured, Masataka Shima, a highranking Japanese soldier who is the main antagonist, reveals that he has Donnie captive on board the ship. Joseph and Philip get away, but Tanaka is killed by Shima. After fighting through the ship, Joseph finds Donnie, but Shima then gets away with Donald on a plane. Donnie is last seen being held prisoner alongside another POW by Shima and a Japanese soldier in a POW camp near the end of the final Letter from Mary.

Rescue of POWsEdit

In Medal of Honor: Heroes, it is explained that Joseph planned POW raids, signifying that Joseph was eventually able to rescue Donnie later in the war. In one of the camps Joseph was finally able to rescue his lost brother, Donnie, and the two brothers were finally reunited.

Gallery Edit


  • Despite allegedly being an important character, he only gets two appearances in Rising Sun.
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