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"The inhospitable terrain and complex cave networks of the Kunar province has made it a favored spot for OPFOR activity. An OPFOR base has been found in the south parts of the Diwagal Valley close to a small settlement of mud huts. Coalition forces must insert to clear the area and meet with heavy OPFOR resistance"
— In-game description

Diwagal camp is a multiplayer map in Medal of Honor (2010). It takes place in a village and a small network of tunnels, set into two hills.


Between the two settings is a valley. Most of the fighting takes place on the start of the incline from the cave network into the village, due to the good sightlines and cover the buildings offer.

The side with the village has a moderate vantage point over the valley. Several building give a great overview of the valley and the opposite cliff side.

The cave however, has its own advantages. Due to the nature of it, being a cave, Offensive Support Actions do not work as effectively on the cave side as the village, although the Support Actions will still do great damage to anyone outside of the small cave space. The cave area also provides excellent camoflauge against those who are trying to snipe.

The middle ground is the lowest part of the map and should often be avoided. Many players rush down into it and onto the enemy sides, to their demise.